HI! This is my site. Mommy helps me with it so that all our Isaac-starved relatives can see me anytime they want.

As of May, 2006, I am over 36lb and over 3 feet tall. Mommy is desperately trying to teach me how to hold her hand as I walk beside her, as she cannot carry me and the baking baby sister at the same time.

I'm starting to use words!! Here's what I've learned: Mama, Dada,Na-Na (night-night), Ba-Ba (Bye-Bye), Up, On, Ooooh!, Whoa!, Bam (ball), Ouch!, Tat (cat), Gog (dog), What's that?, Henoe (Hello), plus I can make animal sounds for a sheep, cow, cat, dog, bird, and horse (although I'm convinced that horses say "moo!") I will also try to copy what Mommy and Daddy say, sometimes.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

An Exciting Week, at least, for an almost 9-month-old

Well, Mommy's been suspecting that I have more teeth coming through, so she's been checking my upper gums pretty often. So, imagine her surprise when she did a quick sweep of both the top and the bottom and discovered that one more had broken through down there and another was quickly behind it. Those bottom twofies give no warning bump or anything, they just pop on through. That was Monday.

Then, Auntie Michelle surprised us with a visit yesterday, and stayed overnight, too. She watched me this morning while Mommy and Daddy went someplace really early in the morning, poor Mommy seemed so tired when I woke up at noon.

But yesterday, Mommy caught me at my newest trick, pulling myself up into the sitting position. I've been able to sit for quite a while now, but once I fell over, I was down. Now I can pull myself back up again! YEAH!!!

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