HI! This is my site. Mommy helps me with it so that all our Isaac-starved relatives can see me anytime they want.

As of May, 2006, I am over 36lb and over 3 feet tall. Mommy is desperately trying to teach me how to hold her hand as I walk beside her, as she cannot carry me and the baking baby sister at the same time.

I'm starting to use words!! Here's what I've learned: Mama, Dada,Na-Na (night-night), Ba-Ba (Bye-Bye), Up, On, Ooooh!, Whoa!, Bam (ball), Ouch!, Tat (cat), Gog (dog), What's that?, Henoe (Hello), plus I can make animal sounds for a sheep, cow, cat, dog, bird, and horse (although I'm convinced that horses say "moo!") I will also try to copy what Mommy and Daddy say, sometimes.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

My week in review

Me and Mommy have been out of town all week, because Mommy hurt her ankle and so we went to Grammie and Grandpa's house so they could help her. Since we couldn't post pictures, here is my week in review.

I had a bit of a cough the week before last, but Mommy thought it was just a little cold. By Monday it was a lot worse, and so she took me to a new doctor who lives by my grandparents. She said I had a double ear infection and gave me medicine, but it took a while to kick in. I was really grumpy and whiney, mostly because my ears hurt, and I'm teething again, my eye teeth. Then, on Friday, Mommy got me some Hyland's teething tablets. The last time I got an ear infection, I was teething my top front teeth. Mommy thinks they are connected: the ear infections and the upper teeth.

Despite the grumpiness, a lot happened this week for me: I took my first couple attempts at crawling; I learned Patty-cake, and will clap along; and I got my nine month pictures taken.

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